An ordering kiosk customized to match your brand

Easy Management
Custom Themes

Configure the app via the web by setting your foods, pricing, up-sells, hours of operation, and more

Designed specifically for your brand, the Point of Order App will match your restaurant’s look, feel, and cuisine

Since each order is logged, a robust online reporting tool makes analyzing buying patterns both thorough and easy

Easy Management

Set up the app and your website from one place ensuring your data is never out of sync


Designed specifically for the campus food service operation, all areas of your operation are covered

Clean Design

The clean design allows for the app to draw attention to your imagery and information


Simple Data Configuration

Easy Updates

Making updates to The Point of Order App, whether it be menu items, pricing, or hours of operation is simple.

Money or Meal Plan

Payment Options

Configure your pricing based on cash dollars, points or credits. Or use meal plan labels: entree, side, etc.

Make It Unique


Most areas of the generic app are customizable where you can emphasize your brand through special labeling and graphics.

Data Points


The Point of Order App collects order data and presents it to you in the form of a report so you can track popular items and revise your menu accordingly.

Group Your Foods


Create any number of custom categories to help the customer find the right menu item to order.

The Good Stuff


Add an unlimited number of foods with each one able to include toppings or choices that helps customers fine-tune their order.

Please Make A Selection


The Point of Order App also offers the ability to force a selection before placing an order so that the kitchen is never in doubt.

Make More of the Experience

Extras & Upsells

Charge extra for certain customizations and also bring customers options for adding other items to their meal.


The Point of Order App brings big tech, clean design, and a bit of fun to the food service industry in a low-cost, easy-to-use package.

Build-a-Cart Capabilities

The Point of Order App makes building a purchase easy with the various category and food item options you configure and change as needed. Use photographs of your menu items or use illustrated graphics. The Point of Order App has a library of preproduced illustrations that you can access.

Robust Options

The Point of Order App allows customers to essentially build their own meal or order a ready-made menu item without any customization. Complete with options for toppings, condiments, add-ons, and upsells, the app accepts orders during specific hours of operations.

Customized for Your Brand

The Point of Order App is customized to match your brand. Complete with imagery, music beds, and sound effects, the app appeals to today’s busy, on-the-go customer who is savvy with technology and desiring a meal without a lengthy wait.

Get The Point of Order App for your foodservice operation today!

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